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Julie Beyer, MA, RD



Common IC Diet Questions

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  Romans 8:28

IC Diet Class Webinar in Partnership with ICN

Tuesday - May 18, 2010 - 4PM (7PM EST) - late afternoon, early eve

Register at the Interstitial Cystitis Network Shop

This course will offer an in depth review of the role of diet and IC. It will explain why foods can irritate an IC bladder and review those foods which are the most notorious for triggering bladder pain and discomfort. We'll be sharing the latest IC Food List and offering strategies on how to approach the diet for the first time. There's no reason for you to be afraid to eat. You simply need to know which foods cause the most problems. Wondering what you can eat when you go out?? We'll share restaurant and shopping ideas as well!


Support Group Workshops and Speaking Engagements


Let's do it together! Support groups are a FUN way to include many patients at once with little or no cost to group members:

  • We have experience getting sponsors to cover costs and send product samples!
  • Learn how dietary modifications can help IC patients reduce symptoms
  • Explore the various IC dietary supplements
  • Sample IC friendly foods 
  • Review assorted IC resources (some available for purchase on the spot!)
  • Have an opportunity to speak with an dietitian to get your personal questions answered!

Email Confident Choices or call 1-866-537-8766 to schedule your IC Diet Workshop!



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