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Julie Beyer, MA, RD



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  Romans 8:28

There are many natural things you can do to calm bladder symptoms and relieve tender body parts. Take three deep breaths, do progressive relaxation, or take a warm bath in Epsom salts or baking soda. People also find relief with heat pads and sometimes cold packs.  The key is to have an emergency kit, keeping some of these items on hand at all times, remembering to pack extras in your purse, desk, or car for use in bladder emergencies. As always, check with your physician before trying any of these products.


Homemade Ice Packs

Check out IC patient Kara's trick to making ice packs out of preemie disposable diapers.
Bravo, Kara, for a brilliant solution to a common problem:


You may also want to give these items a try:

Bodi Heat Stick-on Pads (product varies per merchant)

I always throw a couple of these in my travel bags. These heating pads that last for 12 hours, are light and adhere to the outside of your undergarment. These pads are perfect for situations where you don't have access to electricity or power. You can wear them all day at work with no cords attached. They are perfect for car rides, plane flights or even a trip around town. It is odorless and non-toxic.



Lavender Microwavable Rice Heating Pad

I have one like this and I LOVE it!  It is easy to use and the lavender smell is soothing. It is very portable. Do you live in the north like me and hate getting into a cold car in the winter? Heat it up before long car rides.  All-natural rice heating pads are a great way to relieve stress and chronic pain. Simply microwave for 1-2 minutes and enjoy the warmth and heat for up to 45 minutes.

EndoFEMM for use Hot or Cold

The EndoFEMM� Pad is designed specifically for women & girls who suffer from chronic pelvic pain from interstitial cystitis (IC), adhesions, endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), menstrual cramps, and vulvodynia.

With seven compartmentalized sections and "kick stand" bottom, the pad design provides even heating or cooling and a shape that doesn't shift while gently hugging the pelvic area. Covered with supple polyester fleece that is super soft against the skin.

Instant Cold Packs

Some patients' symptoms respond to cold compresses better than heat. You may want to experiment with both. May be soothing after intimacy. Always follow instructions carefully on product and from merchant.

AZO Standard for Urinary Discomfort

AZO Standard Urinary Pain Relief Tablets contains the same medication prescribed by doctors for fast relief of urinary discomfort. Read product description and warnings at point of purchase. Always check with your physician before adding or changing medications. Never disregard or delay seeking medical advice. Purchasing via the links below can help support this website, however the same medication is available in generic form from many common pharmacies. That is good to know if you are ever on the road and get a flare! NOTE: Amazon also sells various value packs.


Guided Imagery for Women with Pelvic Pain or Interstitial Cystitis

This CD was created by a Nurse Practitioner working with women with IC and pelvic pain at William Beaumont Hospital (Michigan), one of the premiere IC research & clinical care centers in the USA today. The imagery on the CD is specific for pain, frequency and urgency symptoms.

In a research study using this CD, more than 45% of the group using this CD twice a day was moderately or markedly improved. In addition, pain scores and urgency significantly decreased in this group.

Molecules of Emotion (1999) Candace Pert, PhD

There is a science to feeling good! Although we have fought the idea that IC and related diseases are all in someone's head, we do know that stressful situations can really hurt our bodies. The good news is that positive experiences and positive emotions can reduce pain and even lead to healing in our bodies.

Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d (2006) Candace Pert, PhD

Candace Pert, PhD believes that feeling good and feeling God is the same thing. Dr. Pert is an incredible writer, weaving her personal journey toward wellness with the science of the body-mind connection. This is Pert's most recent book...much like Molecules of Emotion but easier to read. Very very good!!

Psychosomatic Wellness (AudioBook) (2008)
Candace Pert, PhD

If our bodies are in a state of constant vibration, can the right music "tune" our cells to good health? Dr. Candace Pert's research has revealed that it can. Pert combines her scientific brilliance and spiritual intuition to create Psychosomatic Wellness--music and meditations for relaxation, rejuvenation, and personal healing.

   More Food and Comfort Items:

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