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Welcome to NutraConsults—Presentation Materials


Shine at your next presentation with professionally prepared, bright and attractive PowerPoint presentations! The slides are individualized for you, with your name as presenter.

Novice and veteran speakers can all appreciate the time it takes to put together a polished presentation. Why do it all yourself?  Do you need a presentation in a pinch? Many presentations available within 24 hours. Packages available for multiple purchases.

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Full set includes:

  • PowerPoint presentation (slides or overheads extra)

  • Speaker's outline

  • Handouts for the audience

  • Most programs can be ready in 7-10 days! 

In addition, PowerPoint presentations can be designed around YOUR presentation outline. 

Email for an estimate.


PowerPoint Presentations: 


Any Three Presentations:                        
(Additional Charge for overheads or slides)


Handout Sets without presentation:        
(Individual topic set of 4-5 handouts) 


Individual Handouts:  


Shipping per set:  



We work closely with you to create the best personalized program, therefore, we do not take orders directly from the website. 

To order:   Email or call 248-961-3613 



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